This will be a running column through the remainder of the season. Each week this column will give you a Fantasy Player Of The Week, and players who are sizzling or fizzling for that week. The purpose of sizzle or fizzle is to help you identify if you should be starting or sitting players. In addition it may help you identify players to add or drop. We use Yahoo! Fantasy sports for all of our information. We use stats from the last seven days unless otherwise indicated.


Fantasy Player Of The Week: Ben Scrivens (Los Angeles Kings) – G: 3W, .066GAA, .977SV%, 2SHO
184458835Sometimes you just need a chance to show your worth. For Ben Scrivens that is just what he needed outside of Toronto, that is. Ben Scrivens was never going to be anything in Toronto, that much was shown by his starts there last season. Now, in Los Angeles he has the chance to sit and watch and learn from Jonathan Quick.

But, with Quick out with a groin injury it is time for Ben Scrivens to prove his worth. He may not be able to keep up the numbers he put up this week, but with a team like Los Angeles he should put up a lot of wins, and keep decent numbers until Quick comes back.

Feel comfortable in picking him up if you need goalie help, Quick is expected to be out 4-6 weeks.



Kari Lehtonen (Dallas Stars) – G: 3W, 1.33GAA, .957SV%, 1SHO
As talented as Lehtonen is it’s no surprise that he’s on this list. Honestly he should be on it weekly.

Johan Franzen (Detroit Red Wings) – LW,RW: 3G, 2A, 6PIM, 3PPP, 10SOG
The Wings are not producing offensively, if they want to turn there fortune around any time soon they need Franzen to start producing.

Tyler Seguin (Dallas Stars) – C, RW: 5G, 2A, +5, 1PPP, 12SOG
If you’re the Boston Bruins how would you be feeling about the trade now?

Jay Bouwmeester ( St. Louis Blues) – D: 1G, 4A, +1, 2PPP, 9SOG
It appears that Bouwmeester just needed to move on from Calgary.

David Backes (St. Louis Blues) – C, RW: 2G, 3A, +2, 6PIM, 1PPP, 9SOG
The Blues Captain started off strong, cooled off, and now he’s hot again. That will be his season.

Steve Mason (Philadelphia Flyers) – G: 1W, .96GAA, .968SV%, 1SHO
He’s been playing better than his wins show. He’s deserves better than his team has helped. He’s worth the gamble.

John Carlson (Washington Capitals) – D: 2G, 2A, +6, 1PPP, 8SOG
He’s come out of nowhere this week, and sometimes it’s a great thing to see. But it’s an aberration.



Craig Anderson (Ottawa Senators) – G: 1W, .367GAA, .871SV%
He hasn’t played well all season. He could still turn it out around, but look for him to start less if his struggles continue.

Phil Kessel (Toronto Maple Leafs) -RW: -2, 2PIM, 9SOG
He’s better than being on this list. But for the Leafs to be good this season he has to play well every game.

Daniel Sedin (Vancouver Canucks) – LW: -1, 11SOG
The Sedin twins has taken their turn playing bad, I guess it’s Daniels’ week.

Taylor Hall (Edmonton Oilers) – LW: 1A, -1, 7SOG
He’s been up and down this season, see David Backes.

Kris Letang (Pittsburgh Penguins) – D: 1G, -3, 12SOG
The Penguins are slumping and so are all of their players.

Anti Niemi (San Jose Sharks) – G: 1W, .294GAA, .903SV%
He hasn’t been playing well, and it’s hurting his team.

Ryan Suter (Minnesota Wild) – D: 2A, 4SOG
He’s the best defensive defenseman in the league, and logging the most minutes per game as well. But his numbers offensively are suffering because of that.



Martin Hanzal (Phoenix Coyotes) – C: 1G, 3A, +5, 2PIM, 1PPP. 5SOG
He’s been up and down this season, but he’s an easy own for people who need Center help. Pick him up while he’s avaiable, he’s only owned in 32% of leagues.

Steve Ott (Buffalo Sabres) – C, LW: 1G, 2A, +2, 9PIM, 1PPP, 6SOG
This week was a probable aberration but several of the Sabres players are doing better. Perhaps its a sign of things to come.

Vladimir Sobotka (St. Louis Blues) – C: 1G, -1, 11PIM, 1PPP, 16SOG
A decent week, but wait for it to become a normal thing for him. Right now he’s not consistent enough to be picked up.

Tom Gilbert (Florida Panthers) – D: 3A, +3, 2PIM, 1PPP, 7 SOG
A good defensive player, but he is only owned in 1% of leagues. If Florida continues to play well Gilbert could continue to have decent numbers, they need a defenseman to play better offensively.

Michael Stone (Phoenix Coyotes) – D: 3A, +3, 2PIM, 1PPP, 7SOG
Ride him while the Coyotes are playing well. Right now anyone getting playing time is producing in Phoenix.

Alex Stalock (San Jose Sharks) – G: 2W, 1.49GAA, .932SV%
If Niemi is playing bad Stalock will continue to get more starts. The longer Niemi’s slump continue the longer Stalock will be a good third option for you.


That’s all for this week. If you have any questions or comments feel free to Email me

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