This will be a running column through the remainder of the season. Each week this column will give you a Fantasy Player Of The Week, and players who are sizzling or fizzling for that week. The purpose of sizzle or fizzle is to help you identify if you should be starting or sitting players. In addition it may help you identify players to add or drop. We use Yahoo! Fantasy sports for all of our information. We use stats from the last seven days unless otherwise indicated.


Player Of The Week: Martin Brodeur (New Jersey Devils) – G: 2W, 0.00 GAA, 1.00SV%, 2SHO

The ageless veteran still has something to give the New Jersey Devils, even if it is as a back up. This first ballot Hall of Famer is definitely worth considering a pick up if he’s available in your league. But, you may want to pick him up quick because he’s owned in 60% of all leagues and will probably be available in less leagues over the course of this week.

When you look and see what Brodeur has done over the course of his career, it’s pretty remarkable to consider that he has 123 shut outs. He’s the all time leader in that category and I don’t see it going to anyone else, possibly ever.



Justin Peters (Carolina Hurricanes) – G: 2W, .97GAA, .963SV%, 1SHO:
Not many people know about Justin Peters is who a minor league player, but playing as a big time goaltender here in the NHL while Carolina’s two regular goaltenders are injured. If you’re hurting for a goaltender he’s worth the pick up, especially since he’s only owned in 8% of the leagues.

Ryan Getzlaf (Anaheim Ducks) – C: 4G, 2A, +5, 2PIM, 3PPP, 13SOG
He’s obviously already a star but this week he’s playing like he’s a superstar. I can’t believe I’m going to see this but there are 2% of leagues where he is available. If you are in one of those leagues pick him up.

Dustin Penner (Anaheim Ducks) – LW: 1G, 5A, +6, 2PPP, 12SOG
A once highly touted player, now it’s very rare that Penner puts up points worthy of being on any fantasy team. Right now he’s playing (and so is most of Anaheim) like he should be consider for a pick up. He’s owned in only 28% of the leagues, so if you need a new Left Winger he may be worth the pick up.

Cam Fowler (Anaheim Ducks) – D: 2G, 2A, +2, 2PIM, 4PPP, 6SOG
Is Cam Fowler finally figuring out how to be an offensive powerhouse? I’m not quite sure, but I know that every team has an under performing defenseman and he finally may be worth picking up. I don’t know if he can keep up it over the long-term but to me he’s worth picking up until he cools off.

Erik Karlsson (Ottawa Senators) – D: 2G, 1A, +4, 4PIM, 1PPP, 14SOG
Everybody knows that he’s possibly the most offensively talented defenseman in today’s game. Over the last two weeks he has begun playing like it, enjoy him if he’s on your team. If he’s not, well good luck getting him via trade, as he puts up more points than most forwards.

Shane Doan (Phoenix Coyotes) – LW, RW: 4G, -1, 2PPP, 17SOGAnother ageless veteran who is typically slow to come into form offensively. You won’t get more than 40-50 points off him this season, but he’s a goal scorer and let’s be honest there aren’t enough of those out there. Plus, he’s only owned in 48% of the leagues so pick him up if you can or need him.



Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins) – C: -1, 2PIM, 6SOG
The leading point producer in the league is in a bit of a slump and it’s showing with zero goals or assists over the past week. Obviously you won’t have to worry about him long-term, but the question will be for those who have him on their team, do you play him until he breaks out of it? I know many people automatically assume to play any player who has proven their worth, but to me if he continues in a slump you only play him if their isn’t a “better” option on that given night. Fantasy sports are all about winning now, so if you have a hot center play them in front of a slumping one, and right now Crosby is a slumping one.

Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) – C, RW: 2A, -3, 2PIM, 2PPP, 2SOG
It seems that the Penguins’ stars both go on a slump at the same time. Obviously Malkin is better than this, still you can’t ignore a trend. If these two aren’t playing well than the whole team suffers. My thoughts echo here from what I said with Crosby.

Shea Weber (Nashville Predators) – D: -7, 4SOG
Another case of a great player slumping. In the case of a slumping defenseman it’s much harder to overcome. Let’s be honest, most team’s carry four D-men. If you have five than you have a strong group. So, when a player like Weber is struggling it really hurts your team.

Henrik Sedin (Vancouver Canucks) – C: 1A, -5, 2PIM, 1PPP, 5SOG
Another case of star under performing. Will he come out of it? Of course he will. But right now you have to wonder if he’s worth playing until he comes out of it. I know he’s a great player but when you are playing Fantasy Hockey you need to keep in mind the trend of player has done and what they are currently doing. Keep that in mind.

Kris Letang (Pittsburgh Penguins) – D: 1A, -1, 1PPP, 6SOG
Much like with the Ducks, the Penguins are all going one way. But, unlike the Ducks, the Penguins are trending down at the moment.

Antti Niemi (San Jose Sharks) – G: 0W, 4.64GAA, .874SV%
He’s a great goaltender playing badly. If you have two other goaltenders than enjoy the others until he turns around. If he’s one of only two that you have than you may want to look for help and ditch an under performing forward.

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