Sizzle Or Fizzle: Karlsson’s Heating Up


This will be a running column through the remainder of the season. Each week this column will give you a Fantasy Player Of The Week, and players who are sizzling or fizzling for that week. The purpose of sizzle or fizzle is to help you identify if you should be starting or sitting players. In addition it may help you identify players to add or drop. We use Yahoo! Fantasy sports for all of our information. We use stats from the last seven days unless otherwise indicated.


alg-derek-stepan-celebrates-jpgPlayer Of The Week: Derek Stepan (New York Rangers) – C: 3G, 2A, +2, 2PIM, 3PPP, 17SOG

Sometimes players come out of nowhere to have a good week, and you have to take notice. But, for Derek Stepan he’s of the correct talent level where this should be expected out of him. But on a performance level Stepan has been good, but not great on his career. The problem is for the New York Rangers, they don’t have Rick Nash, and they need Stepan to step it up if they want to make the playoffs.

Not only is Derek Stepan our player of the week but he is definitely a player you should pick up if he’s still available (currently he’s available in 28% of all leagues). So, pick him up if you can and hope he plays up to his potential this season, I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t.



Kyle Turris (Ottawa Senators) – C: 1G, 4A, +3, 2PPP, 13SOG
After having potential for seasons, it seems as though he’s finally living up to it. He’s worth picking up if you don’t have him and need a center. He’s available in 39% of all leagues, and he contributes heavily in assists +/- and SOG.

Mats Zuccarello (New York Rangers) – LW: 5A, +4, 2PIM, 2PPP, 10SOG
Are you in a deep league and can’t find a Left Winger worth taking? Are you stretched thin already? Well you may want to keep looking, at least for now. Zuccarello is getting an opportunity because of Rick Nash’s injury. Over the last week he’s racked up 5 assists, +4, and 2PPP. If Nash is out for an extended period of time, and he continues to produce you may want to take a look at him. For now he’s owned in 2% of leagues, so you shouldn’t jump to quick to pick him up, just put him on your watch list.

Chris Kreider (New York Rangers) – C, LW: 2G, 3A, +2, 2PIM, 2PPP, 12SOG
Sometimes an injury to key players like Ryan Callahan and Rick Nash early in a season can be a good thing. The New York Rangers are in feast or famine mode with their young players and right now it’s paying off. I don’t know if it can continue for Kreider, but if you’re lacking in either position and need a short term answer you may want to ride him while he’s hot. He’s only owned in 7% of leagues.

Erik Karlsson (Ottawa Senators) – D: 1G, 4A, +2, 2PPP, 12SOG
It looks as though Karlsson is coming back to his “God” like status. Even when he wasn’t performing at such a “high” level he was still playing a PPG status and will probably remain so for the entirety of the season. If someone is bailing on him early via trade, take advantage a strong Defense corp is vital to winning leagues.


David Legwand (Nashville Predators) – C: 3G, 2A, +3, 2PIM, 2PPP, 6SOG
This Detroit, MI native has always been a good role player, and continues to be so even this season. After spending so many years in Nashville it’s nice to Legwand get moments where he shows how good he can be when/if it’s needed. This past week he’s proven how efficient he can be when he’s in the “zone”. He’s only owned in 6% of leagues, check out his prior season stats, he’s worth the pick up, if you need him.

Ben Bishop (Tampa Bay Lightning) – G: 2W, 1.34GAA, .952SV%, 1SHO
He’s finally got a starting job, and it’s for the resurging Lightning. There isn’t much to say with him other than pick him up if he’s still available.



Claude Giroux (Philadelphia Flyers) C, RW: 1A, -4, 2PIM, 1PPP, 5SOGHe started slow last year as well, the difference is, this year the team doesn’t seem to be all that good. But they should be a good team. They’ve added quality players without really subtracting anyone and they have quality goaltending for the first time in years. Even still, I expect more out of Giroux who the Captain of the Flyers and one of the best players in the league.


Craig Anderson (Ottawa Senators) – G: 4.47GAA, 882SV%
He has all the tools to remain a great goaltender, but the Senators aren’t helping things, they’re allowing too many shots, and quite frankly he can’t do it all on his own. While he’s still a great goalie, right now you can’t count on him until the team is ready to help him out.

Jordan Eberle (Edmonton Oilers) – RW: -3, 3SOG
Unlike Giroux, Eberle is actually performing pretty well this season. The problem is that I don’t know if he can keep it up with his team playing so poorly right now. The Oilers need something, and right now they can’t count on anything, including Eberle.

Nail Yakupov (Edmonton Oilers) – RW: -6, 2PIM, 3SOGThe talented Yakupov is finding himself on the wrong end of the fantasy spectrum. He’s too talented for this to keep up, but it seems as though he’s going through growing pains in his second season. A lot of his production will depend on how he’s used by his coaches. Right now you should sit him if you can.

Evander Kane (Winnipeg Jets) – LW: -4, 2PIM, 3SOG
Most weeks you should feel comfortable playing him, but right now he’s on a cold streak. Keep an eye on him until he starts to turn it back around.

Ryan Suter (Minnesota Wild) – D: 1A, -2, 2PIM, 5SOG
He started off slow last season as well, and while his stats this season aren’t horrible he definitely does need to turn things up a little bit. He’s worth keeping in your starting line up, but for now he’s not performing better than any other defenceman and you drafter him to play as a top 10 defenceman.

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