Fantasy Player Of The Week: Jonas Gustavsson


Jonas Gustavsson is the back up goaltender for the Detroit Red Wings. Most games he sits on the bench keep track of stats and watching the game in pads, but last week he was named the NHL First Star Of The Week because of his excellent play while Jimmy Howard was hurt.

His stats during his three starts while Jimmy Howard was out was a bit of a surprise. Gustavsson was highly touted when he went to the Toronto Maple Leafs but never lived up to the hype. He looked to revive his career by becoming a back up behind a franchise goaltender in Howard, but last year that didn’t really happen for a number of reasons. Now though it looks like Gustavsson is looking like he is really comfortable in Detroit, and it shows with his play.

Oh, speaking of his play, in the last week he posted 2 Wins, with a 1.50 GAA, and a .961 SV%. Sure there are goaltenders who had “better” stats, but what makes him the Fantasy Player Of The Week is that this was completely unexpected. His pre-season ranking was 504, but for these seven days he had a ranking of 33. If he didn’t deserve this honor I don’t know who does.

Keep in mind for the future though, he isn’t a player you are going to want on your team long term. But if Howard goes down again, you can now feel safe in using him for spot starts.

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