As we exit week 2 of the season, some perennial stars are coming back into form. With that said here is this week’s sizzle of fizzle. In this weekly fantasy column, we look at people you start (Sizzle),or the people who should ride your bench/consider getting rid of (FIZZLE). This is meant to help you realize who’s hot and not and some people will switch back and forth. Please remember this is based on weekly statistics and we look at everything from points, to +/-, to PIM to determine who should be considered Sizzle and who should be a Fizzle.



Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins) – C: Always he’s lighting it up with 10 points (4G, 6A), with 4 PPP and 16 SOG.

Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings) – C, LW: The Detroit Red Wings are hot, that’s why there are three of them on the Sizzle list and he’s playing the best of the bunch. He’s has 8 points (3G, 5A) with a +5, 2 PPP, and 18 SOG. He’s possibly playing his best offensive hockey in years.

Henrik Zetterberg (Detroit Red Wings) – C, LW: The second year as Captain of the Red Wings seem to be favoring him. He has 7 points (4G, 3A) playing with Datsyuk, with a +4 and 3PPP.

Daniel Alfredsson (Detroit Red Wings) RW: He is starting to look comfortable with the Wings and it shows. He has 8 points in the last week (1G, 7A) with a +4 and 4PPP. He’s still only owned in 56% of the leagues. Pick him up while you can.

Jeff Skinner (Carolina Hurricanes) C, RW: He’s coming out of nowhere to at the top of fantasy stats for the week. He’s doing a little bit of everything 2G, 1A, +2, 2PIM, 3PP, and 18SOG.

Matt Niskanen (Pittsburgh Penguins) D: Playing in the place of Kris Letang, you can see why Pittsburgh is playing so well right now. He’s racking up a modest 3 points, +6, with 1PPP. He may be someone worth selling high.

P.K. Subban (Montreal Canadiens) D: The best D-Man in the league is playing like it with 3 points, +2, 8PIM, and 2PPP. Play him with pride right now.

Carey Price (Montreal Canadeins) G: The player who will have to carry the Candiens to the playoffs if they want to make it won 3 games, with 1.33 GAA and a .963 SV%. Those are some amazing numbers.

Henrik Lundqvist (New York Rangers) G: While only racking up 1 win he has a .78 GAA, and a .978 SV% in the last week, he is coming back to form after a rocky start.

Josh Harding (Minnesota Wild): In the last week he has 2 wins with a 1.16 GAA and a .948 SV% who doesn’t want this guy on their team right now, at least until that Nicklas Backstrom guy is back.



Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitals) RW: He only has 2 points in the last week, which wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t a -5.

Patrick Kane (Chicago Blackhawks) C, RW: He has only 1G but he’s a -3, you just can’t have it with your top players.

Phil Kessel (Toronto Maple Leafs) RW: He has 2A and is a +1 but with no PPP he’s not helping in a statistic you need him to.

Nicklas Backstrom (Washington Capitals) C: He has 3A which isn’t bad, but his -5 is just horrible. Overall it isn’t a great week for Capitol players fantasy wise.

Claude Giroux (Philadelphia Flyers) C, RW: Giroux hasn’t played up to his contract thus far, but no one in Philadelphia has. Let him ride your bench until he turns it around.

Anze Kopitar (Los Angeles Kings) C: Kopitar has 1A, with 8SOG; that’s it.

Ryan Suter (Minnesota Wild) D: He’s struggling early again with the Wild. He will turn it around, he just takes a while to get going. Still 2A with 1PPP isn’t horrible, but you need his +/- to be above a zero for the amount of ice time he gets and how important he is to your fantasy team.

Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins) D: He has 2A but he’s a -1, he’s another that needs to turn that +/- around.

Dustin Byfuglien (Winnipeg Jets) D, RW: You expect more out of him offensively and you should. He onyl has 1A and he’s a -1, he needs to produce more for Winnipeg.

Antti Niemi (San Jose Sharks) G: He’s still winning but in the last week he has a 2.28 GAA, and a .914 SV%. The last stat is what really puts him on this list, he’s better than that.

Craig Anderson (Ottawa Senators) G: He is still winning games, but his horrible 3.32 GAA, and .920 SV% puts him on this list. You need more from your goalies then just wins.

Sergei Bobrovsky (Columbus Blue Jackets) G: It’s not that he’s playing horrible but when you are expected to be one of the top goalies in the league, and you’re winning zero games, while posting a 2.71 GAA, and a .922 SV% well then you’re fizzling.

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