This is a weekly column that will run through the Fantasy Hockey season. We use Yahoo Fantasy Hockey for all of our stats and information. Sizzle Or Fizzle is meant to help you determine if a player should be picked or dropped. But it’s more than that, sometimes it’s about keeping a player as they work through something but not starting them.


SIZZLE (Pick Them Up &/Or Star Them):

Tomas Hertl (San Jose Sharks) , Center: He’s owned in 69% of fantasy leagues are his torrid 6 goals in three games. He’s a plus 6 with an assist on only 16 shots. He can’t keep up the pace forever but if you can find him he may be a good trade high kind of player.

Lars Eller (Montreal Canadiens), Center: Our Player Of The Week for week one is off to a terrific start this season. He has 4 goals, 2 assist, and a plus 5, what’s not to like.

Steve Downie (Colorado Avalanche), Left Wing/Right Wing: Right now he’s as valuable as I see David Clarkston being when he returns from injury. Downie plays on the edge with some offensive potential. If he can keep up his offensive production (1 goal, 2 assist) to go with 17 PIM he will help you over the hump early.

Mikhail Grabovski (Washington Capitals), Center: Nobody knew what to expect from him after last season. As long as he’s playing with Ovechkin he should be a great fantasy pick up.

Brent Burns (San Jose Sharks), Right Wing/Defenceman: A big bruising Defenceman turned forward Burns has the ability to put up top six numbers. It will be interesting to see if he can keep it up but so far so good. Plus he plays Right Wing and Defenceman so you have a lot of flexibility.

Semyon Varlamov (Colorado Avalanche), Goaltender: I don’t know if he can keep it up, but he starts hot every season. Pick him up for now and hope Patrick Roy can help take him to the next level.

Steve Mason (Philadelphia Flyers), Goaltender: He’s another that may not keep it up, but Philadelphia has looked awful and yet he has decent numbers. Right now he’s a good third goaltender but if Philadelphia turns things around and he keeps playing well it looks like his numbers thus far will put him at must start category.


Let Them Ride The Bench:

Claude Giroux (Philadelphia Flyers), Center/Right Wing: Zero points through four games should say a lot. I’m not telling you to drop him, I’m telling you to sit him on your bench and let him start to play at his capacity, right now he’s a liability.

Taylor Hall (Edmonton Oilers), Left Wing: Is he proving that last year was a fluke or will he return to form? I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that you want to keep him on your team for now, and see if he can pick things up. But, be cautious in playing him for the time being.

Tyler Seguin (Dallas Stars), Center/Right Wing: All that Seguin has been able to produce is one assist. I do see it getting better, but when will it happen. Sure it takes time to adjust to a new team, but how long should it really take?

Pekka Rinne (Nashville Predators), Goaltender: Twice he’s allowed four goals in a game, and Nashville doesn’t look very good.

Henrik Lundqvist (New York Rangers), Goaltender: He’s playing worse than Pekka Rinne (with a better team), something is not right in New York.


FIZZLE (Drop Them Or Trade Them):

Mike Ribeiro (Phoenix Coyotes), Center: He’s a good two way player, and will fit well in Phoenix. The truth is that’s just not the best town for strong fantasy players (outside of Mike Smith). He will not be anything close to what he was last year, look for a better option and save yourself from a headache.

Patrice Bergeron (Boston Bruins), Center: He’s better than this offensively, but with his defensive responsibilties getting even larger his offensive numbers will probably dip this season.

Dan Boyle (San Jose Sharks), Defenceman: Well that didn’t take long. Dan Boyle went from a must have D-Man to a player that is better off hitting the waiver wire if he’s on your team.

Brian Elliott (St. Louis Blues), Goaltender: He hasn’t played yet and probably won’t play much with Halak playing so well. It’s time to pick up a goaltender who actually plays.

Tim Thomas (Florida Panthers), Goaltender: It’s not that he can’t play anymore, it’s that Florida is once again horrible. Thomas will give you horrible numbers because of it.

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