FIGHT OF THE WEEK: Jay Harrison Vs. Tanner Glass Oct. 8, 2013

Tanner Glass, Jay Harrison

To pick a fight of the week isn’t an easy thing. I know a lot of people look at them and say, “oh that’s not a good fight” but to me it takes guts to be in a fight, especially if you’re an enforcer. This week is no different as you can scour the internet for great fights and mostly what you will find is two guys who regular get punched in the face. Many times these fights aren’t “fight of the week” category, at least in many people’s minds but I at least must give every single fighter credit. It’s hard to do what they do.

So, why I choose this fight is because quite simply it was the best I could find. To be completely honest there were not any great fights that I could find this week, and this was the best of the bunch. To top it off when every fight is lack luster you stop wanting to watch fights after about ten of them.

Still Jay Harrison of the Carolina Hurricanes (I love their new jerseys FYI) vs. Tanner Glass of the Pittsburgh Penguins was by far the best fight of the week. Both guys went straight at each other and it lasted more then ten seconds unlike most other fights I saw. I was lucky enough to find a Wayne Simmonds fight, but even that was rather pathetic.



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