Ten Ongoing Story lines from the Start of the Season


1. It’s a season with the Olympic games… so, uh, we’re going to be in store for a bunch of those not-even-disguised xenophobic tirades that Don Cherry is just oh so good delivering. Sane hockey fans, prepare to be embarrassed.  2e9374f5421d8ffd536fd48bdab4
2. The Chicago Blackhawks introduced their cup winning trophy to a soft piano ballad. Oh, if only we could replace the Chelsea Dagger with that. Or with anything really.

3. With Kessel signed long term and Seguin shipped out of Boston… can all finally admit that the Leafs actually won the trade?
4. This is a defining season for Ovechkin. The prodigal son, going home for the Olympics, carrying the torch first… It’s the kind of pressure that could crush even the most confident and self-actualized person. And if Ovechkin can’t find a way to make a significant statement this season, either in the Olympics or playoffs, it may be a season he will have a difficult time recovering from.  So far, he’s been scoring bunches, but the Capitals have been losing.  Speaking of which…
5. The Capitals defense looks unfocused and pretty awful. George McPhee needs to mate Dale Hunter and Adam Oats. That offspring would finally be the perfect coach for the Capitals.
6. Carey Price did what he normally does… by which I mean that he looked athletic and highly talented at some times, and then let in a bunch of goals. Prepare to hear that he’s a Vezina candidate when the Canadiens are winning, and a flee ridden dog when they’re not.
7. Fighting… well, it’s going to continue to be an issue.. with or without this silly new helmet rule. George Parros went to the hospital, and hopefully nothing major was sustained.
However, it continues to show the NHL’s inability to decide what to do with this issue. If they put in largely slap on the wrist rules like the helmet rule, they are just doing to have fighters
agree to take it off together ahead of time, this leads to offsetting penalties… Not that you can make fighting safe, even with a helmet on, as evidenced by today.
8. Apparently, old Patrick Roy is a lot like young Patrick Roy. The guy really like his attention. Pretty much the only way he’ll be tolerable is if the Avs continue winning. If they wind up in the league’s basement, well, he’ll turn into a sad sideshow.  Also, that’s some surprisingly weak glass between the benches in Colorado.  They may want to fix that.

9. With two dominant performances under his belt, it’s looking like Jaroslav Halak is poised for a comeback year. Enter the starting goalie controversy for St. Louis. It’s a good problem to have.4ca9ffe926875.image
10. Did you know it might be Teemu Selanne’s last year? Get ready to hear about that. A lot.

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