Top 10 Defenceman You Need On Your Fantasy Team


10. Tobias Enstrom (Winnipeg Jets)

Twice Enstrom has gone over 50 points in a season. I see him getting close to 40 this year, and at his ranking in most leagues around 115 you should be able to get him later in draft’s.


9. Justin Schultz (Edmonton Oilers)

Coming into his second year I see him taking a big leap forward offensively. Last year he did well and he was just kind of thrown in, now he’s had time to mesh with the rest of the team and the results should be positive.


8. Dion Phaneuf (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Nobody is more physical than Phaneuf with his offensive potential. He won’t get you the most points, but he will get you close to 100 PIM and that can be just as important.


7. Dustin Byfuglien (Winnipeg Jets)

He can play both D and RW in most leagues so that right there makes him worth this spot on the list.


6.  Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins)

His minutes will decrease this year as the Bruins look to preserve him for the playoffs, and with the new division he may be more locked up on playing actual defense rather than producing points, still he’s worth a pick-up in most leagues.


5. Kris Letang (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Starting the year on IR will put you in this slot, still he’s one of the top 5 defenceman in the league, I just don’t see him being top  two or three.


4. Shea Weber (Nashville Predators)

He has the potential for a break-out season but most of that will depend on how the rest of the team turns out. He’s one of the few other defenceman who can put up big points (for a D-man) and also rack up some decent PIM every season.


3. Ryan Suter (Minnesota Wild)

I believe this is the year that he proves that Nashville should have given him the $114 million offer, not Weber. Not that it would have mattered as he was always going home(ish). His team is getting better and with him playing a full season their I suspect he will be a Norris Finalist.


2. P.K. Subban (Montreal Canadiens)

He’s the complete package. Are you looking for 40+ points this season? Are you looking for a decent plus/minus? Are you looking for a player who gets over 100 PIM? Then look no further, Subban is the perfect player for your team.


1. Erik Karlsson (Ottawa Senators)

The only PPG defenceman in the league, take him with confidence and enjoy the ride.


SLEEPER: Seth Jones (Nashville Predators)

If he pairs with Shea Weber most of the season he could be a surprise free agent pick up.


SLEEPER: Danny DeKesyer (Detroit Red Wings)

Not many are looking at him to put up big offensive numbers but he is Detroit’s best puck moving defenceman, and Detroit is looking for the D to be more proactive on the offensive side of things. Look for DeKeyser to surprise.


DUD: Andrei Markov (Montreal Canadiens)

It’s not that he doesn’t have talent, he does, he just doesn’t show it unless he’s on the power play. His offensive numbers will be stagnant for weeks at a time, but when he gets hot you will enjoy a nice week. If you have the offensive fire power to deal with his streakiness take him, otherwise let someone else deal with it.

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