Help Luongo Get His Groove Back

Vancouver Canucks v Anaheim Ducks

What’s wrong with Roberto Luongo? He started his NHL career off as one of the most talked about goaltenders in the entire NHL as a member of the Florida Panthers. But, after orchestrating his way out of Florida and into the Hockey hotbed that is Vancouver, Luongo has found himself in a weird spot. He played well but not up to his contract, which honestly is not his fault because Vancouver was willing to offer that contract. But, what was in his control was how he handled trade speculation the last two seasons due to the emergence of a young goaltender named Cory Schneider.

Over time Luongo has shown many different faces, but through it all he was professional, and most of the time he said the right thing. He wanted to be the franchise goalie for Vancouver, for anybody really, but it seemed to the fans, and the organization that the grass was greener with Schneider. After the lockout shortened season it seemed as though the goalie battle in Vancouver was too tough to pick a starter, they both played well at points, and horrible in others. It became clear that while Schneider and Luongo are friends they couldn’t continue to coexist as the two goaltenders in Vancouver, one of them had to go.

The off season was close to beginning and with the draft ongoing the Vancouver Canucks traded…..Cory Schneider to the New Jersey Devils. The hockey world stood stunned, the Canucks had chosen their goalie, just not the goalie that they expected to. Schneider and Luongo were more shocked then anybody, but for Schneider he gets a season to learn beside Martin Brodeur. But Luongo is now faced with re-creating a relationship with the organization that he asked a trade from; and from the organization that basically said it wanted to trade him. But most importantly Luongo must re-build a relationship with the Vancouver Canucks fans, those hockey loving, ultra critical but diehard fans.

The problem in this situation is that Roberto Luongo seems to be down about the situation, he wanted out of Vancouver, but he’s not, and now it seems as though he will finish his career in Vancouver. How will the next chapter of his career go? That’s completely up to Robert Luongo himself. What’s wrong with Robert Luongo? Maybe nothing, but then again he may never get out of this funk he seems to be in as a member of the Vancouver Canucks. Still the future seems bright in Vancouver and if the fans and organization welcome Luongo back with open arms he will do the same and become a true Canuck once more. Acceptance and love is where it’s at; Vancouver accept your goalie back and he will accept you.

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