Alfredsson Wants To Win Stanley Cup…..With Detroit


“I’m not worried about my legacy. I expect there will be resentment and anger from fans, as I think there definitely should be.” Daniel Alfredsson said during a conference call. He’s the Detroit Red Wings latest acquisition, a show of the Red Wings might, of their legacy, of their status in the NHL. This move wasn’t all about money for Alredsson, it was about the Stanley Cup. “It pretty much came down to a selfish decision in terms of I have not won a Stanley Cup, That’s a big priority for me.”

So it seems from Alfredsson’s perspective that he needed to do this to win a Stanley Cup before he retired, but it’s interesting to think that the Senators were a pretty good team last year, with a lot of young talent, and more importantly they had been trying to trade Jason Spezza for years, well I guess they got their wish for a make over, just not how they wanted. The Senators wanted Alfredsson back, if he wanted to come back to the NHL. But it seemed as though the Senators had out stayed their welcome as the team Alfredsson had called home, he wanted a Stanley Cup and couldn’t see them getting one before he retired.

The Senators GM Bryan Murray said in a statement, “It was a devastating, disappointing conversation. Hard to swallow. We’re going to miss him as a person, a leader and a guy in the community.” If that was all that would be one thing, but it appeared that the Senators owner was willing to pay almost any amount after saying to sign Alfredsson to whatever dollar amount it took to get him. Still Murray was distraught after landing Bobby Ryan in trade, because he had still lost the franchise’ most important player, Daniel Alfredsson. “I hope your fans understand that this is something that happens sometimes. It’s hard to lose this guy.”

The bitterness and hatred that is already brewing from within the organization and from the fans for the new divisional foe will not be matched. I hope the Red Wings are ready for the bad blood that has been created here, fights will ensue, people may get hurt, Alredsson will get booed in Ottawa a place he once called home. But it’s all because he handled it poorly, it wasn’t that he left (at least not completely), or that he signed a one year contract for $5.5 million. No this was about what he said, which was basically that he didn’t think Ottawa could win the Stanley Cup. Only time will tell if they can, and if they can before Detroit, either way Ottawa won’t be winning it (if they do) with Daniel Alfredsson. Those days are gone. That ship has sailed. Daniel Alfredsson just went from Ottawa Senators Captain, to Detroit Red Wings role player, and public enemy number one for the Senators.

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